18 Dec 2014


Breakfast of champions. 

What can be above the taste of hot puris, rotis or dosas that a mother makes and serves straight on to our plate?


On the footpath outside the vegetable market at APMC Thurbe, the working men who have been working tirelessly since dawn wait with their plates stretched out for this unsung lady chef to drop hot stuffed pooris and spicy onion & chilli chutney.

They eat silently and hungrily like good children.

8 Dec 2014

Chembur West

Music became visual a long time back. Maybe it was with the wonderful songs in our movies in India. Was it MTV globally?

Meanwhile words seems to have have become visual too. Especially if you are looking for children books or reading to children who seem to choose books with packaged visuals and sounds seen on TV.

It's a start though. The joy of creating images in your mind when reading will come slowly. Imagine the world you created in your mind when you read the first book in the Harry Potter series and how it changed after we saw the movies. Or Lord Of The Rings.

Here is an exercise for people with time. Listen to an album from an Indian movie soundtrack. AR Rehman, Vishal Bharadwaj or Amit Trivedi and then imagine a movie in your head just based on the music. The movie in your head will be better than the one that runs for a weekend in your neighbourhood. It will be an easy task for people who read I think.

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