7 Oct 2015

5 Oct 2015

Sant Savata Mali Road (Victoria Road)

Playgrounds of Mumbai.

We play on different floors.

And a poem by Suranga Date who always adds a few words to the images she likes on this blog:

Thought for Food.

A foraging of intentions,
a collection
of rehabilitated stones
performing to perfection
wild in imagination
as they make a meal
fit for the 
ones they love
nurtured so well
by hands
trying to imitate 
Mother Earth.

And then 
there is 
a hungry mind
expertly fooled
into filling itself
by sights, sounds,
and the needs of 
the New World,
unlike anything around.

Food for Thought.

1 Oct 2015

Ghatla Village

Outside a home in Ghatla gaon. Do people use it as a caste statement? But most likely it's just the love of a child for his hero.  However, I imagine a umbrella for the Lord of the Parasol - the Chatrapati.

30 Sep 2015

Din Quarry Road

Post monsoon harvest. Grass.

Coincidentally, this housing society is a place called Panjra Pol.
Panjra pol was the name given to places where animals, usually livestock and cattle are kept. 

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